samirbuller brings the Sudan to the Green Week:

The premiere of the third-biggest African country at the world-biggest agricultural fair is organised completely by the Berliner economic agency.

Berlin, 12. January 2013.

The Sudan Republic is the third-biggest country in Africa, and long before the splitting-off of south Sudan in 2011, the thing which meant for Khartoum also an almost complete loss and damage of the economically important petroleum occurrence, calls for empowering the country depending on a better investment of its natural resources like Sun, water and the large land-areas.

In this context, the government in Khartoum is striving especially to start and maintain international economic relations, mainly with Europe. Thus, this African country will be this year also for the first time represented in the international Green Week in Berlin. Its premiere will be totally organised by samirbuller agency.

As a motto for the entrance to the fair, the ‘Cornucopia’ is chosen – a concept derived from the classical mythology that can be interpreted as the ‘horn of life’. The stand appeals then to all senses of the visitors with a variety of agricultural products, short films about the domestic agricultural products, the impressive culinary and event- offers. Furthermore, it gives the facility for holding discussions between professional and specialised visitors on the one hand, and representatives of Sudanese companies, economic agencies and government on the other.

We want to present the republic of Sudan from its best sides’, said Alaa Eldin Samir, the Managing Director of samirbuller. ‘And the Green Week offers a splendid opportunity to make this faraway and unknown country available for experience with all senses – its abundance and richness in tastes, smells, colours and its friendly people. This seems to me of special significance in the current time, that the image of the country is still stamped with the pictures of Darfur-conflict and the violent protests after the publication of Mohamed-Videos.

samirbuller took responsibility for the whole organising-process of the presence at the fair, starting from the stand (in cooperation with Congrex) to the advertisement and promotion (in cooperation with artist:design), the event- and catering organisation, the accompanying press- and publication work till the management and supervision of the participating companies and organisations from the Sudan.

About samirbuller

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